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Motion by Stanley

It is a new year, everyone has something to change about themselves. While everyone is trying to change perspective, Hip Hop artist, Stanley, comes through with a conceptually compelling club song titled “Motion“. Motion comes along with dynamic lyrics depicting the change of attitude when one is in a trance created by high levels of intoxication. The lyrics depict the various phases that one undergoes from the intake of intoxicants and stimulants to the phase of impairment. The fast smooth flows correlates with the impaired feeling which capture the listener’s attention. The epic slides on the beat and display of his rap skills draw you in and the raw talent of his content keep the listener satisfied. His subtle change of tone, pitch and volume caress the senses giving the mind an exclusive musical experience. Motion, which symbolizes the changes experienced by an intoxicated individual, has an enticing and energetic beat that will drive people onto the dance floor. Motion brings heat that is immeasurable and oozing with intoxication and ecstasy created by its euphoric vibes. This promises to be another hit sensation from Durban.

Motion is the first single off Stanley’s Prior To Adolescent Division II (PTAxD II) mixtape which is due to be released this year. Each track on the mixtape will consist of conceptualized lyrics which reflect Stanley’s experiences and storytelling skills he has developed as an artist, all narrated through a musical picture. The project will not be restricted to Hip Hop, but Trap and Trap Soul will be found on the tape. The experiences fore told on each track integrate his emotions, attitudes and perspectives throughout. Motion will undoubtedly be the track to set out a wide platform for the release of the tape.

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  1. busy downloading the track cant wait to listen to it i know tandho got the sauce for these types of tingz

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