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Magna Cum Laude by Vinci feat. Vicci Martini

Vinci releases the full song of his long awaited single titled Magna Cum Laude. The song is merely a musical expression of his experiences, whereby he denotes his past and future achievements and foretells the struggles in which he had to undergo to become who he is today. Not long ago, Vinci released the first half of the song. Today, he releases the full song which features the subtle voice of Vicci Martini, who uses suave to perfectly poise his verse. The dark and melancholic production by Vintage Beatz allows Vinci to pour his heart out as he undergoes a lyrical metamorphosis from being depressed and sorrowful in his first verse to being suicidal in his last verse. Vinci describes Magna Cum Laude as a therapeutic song to heal those with grief.

From previous songs, Vinci has been seen developing and becoming one and the same as his image, brand and music – which most artists find challenging to integrate. The song reveals the newly transformed and perceptive young mind of Vinci. Enjoy the beautiful creation.

Download Magna Cum Laude (feat. Vicci Martini) below


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