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About Us is a youth based company. Established to provide services that develop, uplift and empower the youth. It specialises in Marketing, Advertising, Consulting, Events, Initiative Establishment & Implementation. Each speciality is aimed at creating a diverse platform and opportunities for for youth initiatives to succeed and to develop, uplift and empower the youth. All services offered are aimed at aiding youth based enterprises. aims to make a difference by tackling ‎issues affecting the youth, such as unemployment, drug abuse, early and unprepared pregnancy, human trafficking, domestic violence and being in conflict with the law. The issues will be tackled through the establishment and implementation of youth based initiatives. created an initiative called Artists Initiative which is based on art and culture. The Artists Initiative will provide the youth a platform to showcase themselves through their artistic talents. This platform will enable the youth to avoid issues aforementioned. The successes of this initiative can lead to wider opportunities for the youth involved.

The Artists Initiative aims to develop, uplift and empower the youth through art and culture. It is an initiative established to assist upcoming artists with different talents to develop these talents through artistry knowledge acquired which will uplift them. This initiative will run for one year. After every year new artists will be selected for the initiative. After a year, the aim is to have placed the artists at a platform where they are able to empower themselves through their art. Throughout the year, artists will be involved in campaigns and activities that revolve around the medium of art and culture. These campaigns and activities will assist the artists in building their brands, expanding their fan base and engaging in a diverse networking platform whereby they will be able to secure deals that will be advantageous to their musical career. Each artist part of this initiative is launched by releasing their first single of the year so they can be introduced to the public using their artistic talent. This will draw all the focus on the artist’s talent and therefore create a following for the artist. Three artists are launched in a month. The three artists release their singles prior to their launch. The releases and launches begin in January, when the Artists Initiative officially commences. Each launch involves the three artists that have released in the same month or three consecutive months. The aim of each launch is to develop, uplift and empower the young artists part of the initiative and the supporting local artists.

The Night Show aims to develop, uplift and empower the youth through art and culture. It is an initiative established to provide artists, not only apart of the, a platform to showcase their talents among other local artists and well-established artists. The Night Show provides young upcoming artists with an opportunity to launch their brands, songs and projects on the show. The Night Show event series runs on a monthly basis.

Souled Out Sessions aims to develop, uplift and empower the youth through art and culture. This is an event initiative established to create a networking platform for well-known artists and brands with upcoming artists and newly established brands. Souled Out Sessions involves live music, photography along with pop up’s from fashion brands, live art and food stalls.